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South Carolina Social Security Lawyers

The United States Social Security Act was originally passed in 1935 to provide financial assistance to Americans with certain conditions. Since then, millions of people have received payments through the law’s numerous programs. Unfortunately, many people have had their claims for help turned down.

Social Security benefits can help you get your life back in order if you are dealing with a hardship such as a disability, low income, old age, or the death of a spouse. Our South Carolina Social Security attorneys can help you properly file for these benefits and will work hard to get your claim approved

How We Can Help with Your Claim

Claims for Social Security are turned down every day. Some people mistakenly apply for benefits when they do not qualify, but many who do deserve assistance have their claims unfairly rejected. If you are considering applying for Social Security or have applied and were turned down, our attorneys can help.

We represent people in all types of Social Security and disability claims, including:

Our legal team can review your situation and confirm that you are eligible to receive Social Security benefits. We can then guide you through the steps of filing your application to help you meet the program’s strict requirements and deadlines. If you have had your application denied, we are prepared to represent you in your appeal and fight for the benefits you need.

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